Real estate is a good investment

Who brings his money in the bank today, which gets almost no interest. Many people are trying their luck in other capital investments which, while promising higher returns, but also involve greater risk. A good alternative is real estate, because this system promises a good return at a low risk.
Properties offer two income opportunities

Properties offer two sources of income. Once the owner of real estate rental income is replaced. Even those who use the house or the apartment itself, which can claim, because it saves on time, the rental income. Rent is a reliable factor, while the interest rates depend on many factors. It requires only a small decision by the European Central Bank and the interest rates go back and the income of savers halved. Revenue from real estate are not affected by such decisions. He knows exactly how much money he can expect and so can do precise planning. Although repeatedly expressed fear of loss of rent due to defaulting occurs in practice occasionally, but not as often as many assume.
The second source of income is due to the increase in value. In recent years, prices have risen properties Steadily he and those who opt for a good position who has to worry about this. He has the appreciation partially own hands if he is going on a little clever. If he buys a property, near which is planned just a new district with school and the shopping center, he can assume that the value of the property will increase in the future.

Properties are well suited as pensions

Who builds his pension on securities or investment funds, have to pay a very high share of taxes. In this type of investment savers must pay 25% final withholding tax. The properties of the only normal tax rate is due, which is considerably lower. If shares are sold at a profit, and taxes must be paid. If properties that were leased ten years are then sold at a profit, falls on this to no control. An owner-occupied property can be sold even after two years, without the tax office receives a part of it.
Whoever acquires in the course of his life property, which can take advantage of this to a part of yourself and hire another part. When the kids are out of the house, the demand for housing is low and it may move to a smaller apartment. Tenants finance him not only the smaller apartment, but also significantly improve his pension on.
It should here be not silent at this point that of course may also be forfeited properties worth. But that is primarily dependent on the owner himself. If he regularly takes care of maintaining the value and necessary repairs carried out, then should not be a problem.


A property is an investment in the long term not only a high return promises, but is also very safe. It comes down to a good selection of real estate. Above all, the location is a very important factor. Here is a good advice is needed. Under no circumstances should the ruling be made rashly to invest in houses or plots.